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Nigeria Oil And Gas Industry: Power of Licenses And Permits

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The Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry has benefited immensely from the Department of Petroleum Resources through the constitutional statutes that empower the agency to issue licence and permits to all players in the industry.

The Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, amongst its other functions issues licenses or lease to individuals intending to set out in oilfield ownership or operatorship. This helps to keep essential information on all oil licensees, leases, contractors and marginal field owners.

Such a process is crucial to allow the department maintain compliance of all petroleum laws, regulations and guidelines in the industry. They also need it to monitor operations at all locations where crude oil is stored as well as to supervise all petroleum industry operations carried out within the country.

Nigeria Licences and Permits with Speed - Dreg Waters Petroleum and LogisticsAs a corporate entity in the Oil sector, what are the benefits of licenses and permits to you?

  1. The licenses guide you through the safety provisions to have on ground in the case of any incidents thereby reducing more loss. 
  2. The licenses aid your awareness in the environmental impacts of your operations. 
  3. The futility of producing or delivering substandard products is reduced, due to standard quality control and quality assurance techniques approved by the DPR.   
  4. Operations, maintenance and equipment manuals are also submitted to the DPR for approval. This which enables the operations of your site to maintain maximum output.
  5. If an illegal refinery site is encroaching on your legal site, reports can be made to the Nigerian Navy who are tasked with terminating such criminal activities.

All of this aid and support the performance of your company internally and externally.

Without the appropriate licenses, companies are on the opposite side of the law and stand the risk of attracting heavy fines, of getting shutdown completely and in the case of activities on Nigerian waters; destruction of illegal refineries.

However, procuring of licenses can be hassle and has been known to take as long as three months per time. Don’t fret, that’s where our professional team at Dreg Waters comes in. 

At Dreg Waters Petroleum and Logistics, we work efficiently to obtain the licenses you require in half the time. We do the leg work on your behalf.

Click here to secure your licenses and permits today.

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