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The A.B.C. of Getting the Right Agency

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Poor people spend time to make money. The rich spend money to make time. – Dr. David Oyedepo

As a business inclined individual, the value of your time is never too far from your mind. One of the best ways to make the most advantage of your time is to utilize others to perform other functions whilst you focus on other tasks.

Nigeria Oil and Gas, Marine Licences and Permits with Speed - Dreg Waters Petroleum and LogisticsAnyone who fills such a role is referred to as an agent or an agency. Some of these functions includes but are not limited to: shortlisting employees for hiring, training of employees, purchase of items, procurement of necessary document, etc.

However, securing the right agency is no easy task. Here are some questions to ask to guide you in the right direction:

  • How thorough are they?
  • How often do they say “don’t worry it is not necessary” and then your goods get seized?
  • Can you rely on them?
  • Can you depend on their confidentiality?
  • Does past record show them getting the job done?
  • What do their clients, past and present, have to say about them?
  • Are they efficient?
  • Do they deliver timely services?
  • What quality of service do they provide?
  • Do they perform below or above expectation?

At Dreg Waters, we tick all those boxes and then some. In fact, we are named after it!

  • Detailed– we reduce the risk of months of uncertainty and unwanted demurrage or seizing of goods worth millions of naira by overseeing every little thing.
  • Reliable– year after year, we have proven to many clients that they can rely on us for confidentiality and exchange of honest information as concerns their operations.
  • Efficient– reliability and thoroughness  without efficient will never earn you a growing clientele based on word-of-mouth as we have enjoyed over time.
  • Grounded– We know that no one is born an expert in any particular field. However, time has shown that through dedication to exceeding our different clients’ expectations, we can master any activity in the industry and grow to taking on more challenging tasks or industry-related operations.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our clients and what they had to say:

“Your service is prompt and up to speed. We appreciate your attention to detail, and in comparison to our former agent, Dreg Waters Petroleum has been very easy to liaise with.” — G & P Global Marine Services

“Your service is first class with a professional touch” — Expanse Oil & Gas Limited

“Dreg Waters Petroleum’s service is highly professional, courteous and customer friendly. They are very efficient, reliable and at the nick of time” — Megtimex Nig. Ltd

How much more do you need out of an agency?

Contact us at Dreg Waters Petroleum and Logistics today for excellence in your services.

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