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Tanker Vessels in Nigeria Maritime Space

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Tanker vessels that are used for oil transportation through marine channels are referred to as oil tanker ships.

Tank vessel is defined by Wikipedia as a ship designed to transport or store liquids or gases in bulk. Major types of tank ship include the oil tanker, the chemical tanker, and gas carrier.

Tanker Vessel | Dreg Waters Petroleum and LogisticsTanker vessels are indispensable in the maritime domain. The technological advancements made in the structural and constructional facets of tankers vessels has enabled there utility to become even more applicable and viable in the ever-growing maritime liquefied cargo transportation.

Tankers can range in size of capacity from several hundred tons, which includes vessels for servicing small harbours and coastal settlements, to several hundred thousand tons, for long-range haulage.

Different kinds of tanker ships are utilised to provide the appropriate transportation facilitation for these myriad types of liquefied freight.

Different variances of liquefied freight necessitate the use of different kinds of tanker vessels. Tanker ships are mainly classified on the basis of type of cargo and size of the vessel. Some of the most commonly used tankers are:

  • Crude Oil tanker
  • Chemical tanker
  • Product tanker
  • Gas tanker

At Dreg Waters, we facilitate the supply of tanker vessels that enhances seamless transportation of crude oil and other products within the Nigeria maritime space.

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