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The perils of trusting a lady called luck

Dreg Media Team 17

If it’s 5am on a Sunday morning and you are asked, “Where is Cynthia?” The answer is, “She is standing at a junction.” Nine times out of ten times, your reply will be right. Somewhere, there will be a Cynthia standing at a junction. My quest to attend my church’s first service for 6am has me awake by 3.30am and at the junction by 4.45am. The least I deserved for such dedication was to be in church for 6am right? Wrong.

It all started five months ago when the district changed its bus and driver. The bus turned out to be the snail of the vehicle kingdom. It had only 4 seats that wouldn’t bruise your knee. It was driven by an old man, who turned out to not see so well at night. It didn’t help that his headlamps were as bright as two candles. From then on, we were grateful to get to church for 6.40. Out of pity, we kept him and his snail bus.

Till one Sunday, when ten minutes into the journey, we were almost mowed down by not one, but two trailers at two different intersections on the road.

As our screams and collective lives flashed before our eyes, twice, we finally realized that letting this man drive us was foolishness. We were relying on luck to take us there and back.

Our best solution was let him go that day.

Quite often, careless truck drivers are involved in accidents on our roads. The results of these are often large fires that consume the fuel and might lead to loss of lives. It is always a mark against the involved company when such incidents occur, as it affects their reputation both with the public.

oil theft

Another channel for loss in transporting fuel is theft; Hoodlums make away with tankers or drivers of such vehicles conspiring with such hoodlums to depose of the fuel within the tankers. Yet another channel is piracy aboard vessel shipments. All of these could be avoided by making the right partnerships.

At Dreg Waters, we don’t depend on luck for delivery of quality services; we make the right moves to ensure a perfect result every time. This is accomplished by the recruitment of skilled labour that is best suited to our client needs.

Our many partnerships with both national and international companies attest to our quality service and reliability. We also provide expert advisory services on the best ship providers to suit our clients’ needs. Contact us today for your reliable transportation needs.

As for my church district, we have a new driver and bus. He can see clearly and has the brightest head lamps. He has us in church for 6am with our knees intact.

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