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Labour convention okays full wages for seaferers in captivity

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For seafarers, safety at sea is paramount in view of the recurrent pirates attacks, but a review of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, is now offering slight relief by ensuring that those held hostage by pirates are paid all their contractual entitlements covering that period of captivity.

Rising from the third meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), in Geneva, the stakeholders agreed to introduce a new amendment to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, thus enabling the contractual gap for seafarers who are taken hostage by pirates to be covered.

This is coming as the 11 crew members that were taken hostage by pirates from FWN Rapide off Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on April 21, are said to be alive and together. Manager of the attacked cargo ship said the company has finally managed to establish contact with its crew after days of searching for the missing sailors.

However, the ILO meeting determined that wages and other contractual entitlements would continue to be paid during the entire period of captivity for seafarers who are held captive on or off a ship as a result of an act of piracy or armed robbery against ships.

The amendment would be submitted to the next session of the International Labour Conference for adoption.

This, according to the group would provide the families with the necessary means of survival to partially alleviate the unbelievable psychological distress they undergo whilst their loved ones are held hostages.

Chair of the ITF seafarers’ section, Dave Heindel, said: “This result has been a critical step forward for seafarer protections. With the agreement of the ship owners and member states, we managed to secure an amendment on wage protections, a resolution on shore leave, one on crew abandonment and one for the inland navigation sector, which will provide a way forward for our colleagues working on tugs and inland equipment. Overall, I believe the week was successful for all in the maritime sector,”

Source: The Guardian

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