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How to Ship in with a Sparkling White Suit

Dreg Media Team 16

So, you can majestically walk into your next big business deal with a sparkling white suit. You want to employ freight services; buying a ship, leasing a ship, rentals… none of those are in your business model. You just want a ship to transport a large haulage for you. Well there’s good news for you, here we have the leading professional ship broker.

Shipping is a business. And like all businesses, requiring a service does not mean you have to be personally involved in any way. That’s where a ship broker steps in.

How to Ship in with a Sparkling White Suit - Dreg Waters Petroleum and LogisticsWhile a ship broker describes an individual who is in the business of selling ships, this is also an individual who is responsible for the transport of goods by sea. The role of a ship broker is to act as an intermediary between the owner of a ship and the person who wishes to have their goods freighted by that ship.

The typical involvements of a ship broker are dry cargo chartering or Tanker chartering.

The process of brokering the right ship is long and arduous. A professional ship broker would have to do the following:

  • Go through their network of contacts around the world to find ships with clean track records
  • Narrow that down to the ships that couriers that particular item
  • Get the right costing that is agreeable to both parties
  • Supervise the haulage and loading of the items in point
  • Monitor its overseas travel
  • Secure an agent that will be available to check the materials on arrival.

All of this while ensuring they behave ethically and follow the best practices. It is a lot of back and forth and utterly demanding.

And we at Dreg Waters Petroleum and Logistics are not just good at it, we are great at it. Our partnerships both locally and internationally attest to our attention to detail and thoroughness in working on behalf of our clients.

So for your next freight needs, give yourself a break and enjoy our value added service of brokering ship.

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